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New Ideas Into Lead Electric Guitar Course By Institute Of Music Discipline Never Before Revealed

Are you interested in singing or starting out a music career? If so, it will be so prudent to learn how to play the guitar, drums, and piano. These are three major musical instruments you will always use in your music career. We, Institute of Music Discipline, are the top college when it comes to music. Our lessons on how to play the guitars and other musical instruments are much loved. If you want to meet the most helpful and knowledgeable teachers, choose our guitar classes . Our institute is situated in Mumbai, enabling you to study from home or online. We have adequate teaching approaches, and this is how we meet the needs of various students. Our focus is on three key aspects:

Technical lessons Here we will introduce you to the standard formula of playing the guitars. Our lessons will vary widely and will include playing with the left and right hands, how to synchronize your hands, how to play scales, string skipping, and picking among others. In other words, your teacher will introduce the basics to you.

Music lessons In this section of your course, your tutor will begin more difficult techniques such as chords, chord progression, licks, harmony, ear training, song composition, and other theories. In short, you will learn how to write good music.

Creative lessons After being introduced to the instrument's most important playing tricks and how to compose your own songs, the teacher will then teach you how to creatively play the instrument while singing your own compositions.

How do we teach you?

Our academy is committed to offering you a comprehensive syllabus. We have various modules we expect you to cover before getting certified. Our most elementary module 1 is the shortest and simplest. We will only take you through twenty-four sessions for a period of three months. Your tutor will train you about the basics of music and this will include things like major chords, minor chords, barre chords, power chords, harmonic minor and basic chords and so much more. The Western Classical Music notation class where songs of different kinds will be played is part of this short module.

Our next module, Module II, is the intermediate program that will take you five months to finish. The whole program is made up of forty lessons. The mandatory unit in this module is a metronome. Hence, your teacher will explain all about a pentatonic scale, blue scale, how to use the fretboard effectively, and various kinds of alternative picking methods.

The Advanced class, Module III, takes six months and forty-eight lessons. This is where the teacher talks about electric guitars . There will be so many tricks and techniques taught: tremolo picking, sweeping, bending, harmonics, trill on a fretboard, and playing blues, metal, rock, funk, grunge, neo-classical and other genres of music

Lastly, we will teach you Module IV. This is the Improvisation module that takes six months in which forty-eight sessions are offered. The best lesson here is ear training and advanced theory about some of the things taught in prior modules. There will be different examination grades you will do after completing each module.

For extra details on our program, feel free to give us a call. We will be more than willing to assist.