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Drums Classes In Mumbai

Module I – Basic Foundation (3 months – 24 sessions)

Module I consists of single stroke roll, single stroke four, single stroke seven practice on drum pad. Also includes triple stroke roll, double stroke roll, fifteen & seventeen stroke roll.

Module II (5 months – 40 sessions)

Module II consists of learning how to move between cymbals, open hi hats, syncopated accents.Module II includes Trinity Grade 2 & 3 level.

Module III (6 months – 48 sessions)

This Module consists of learning 8th note triplets, 4 way coordination, syncopation, single and double strokes, paradiddles, flams, triplets Module III involves Grade 4 & 5

Module IV (6 months – 48 sessions)

This course develops the knowledge in various advanced drum playing techniques: * Single and double strokes, paradiddles, Flams and ruffs, hands and feet patterns * Time signature changes, Bass Drum doubles, Polyrhythms, 6/8 Trip Hop Groove Depending on previous experience, musical interests and the student’s aims, the course includes the following topics:
* Groove playing
* Technique and control
* Coordination and independence
* Time feel development
* Aural perception
* Creativity and improvisation
* Concepts and thought processes
* Drumming within the context of a band
* Drum kit set-up and maintenance
* Dynamics and expression
* Reading and writing drum notation
* Performance skills

Each Mini Course is tailored to suit the aims and needs of each individual student - whether learning drums just for fun or going down the route of professional development as a drummer and studying towards formal qualifications.


TIMINGS: Friday & Saturday 4 pm to 8 pm

* Each session is equivalent to 1 hour

The drums are often used in western music. With the advent of time, Indians are getting fond of western music. As a result, drummers have now immense potentials as well as opportunities in Indian musical scenarios too. A drummer is often recognized as a stylish as well as cool person, who knows the tricks to cheer the crown on their feet. Drumsticks should act like magic wands on your hands so that audiences can get totally captivated by your skills. Learning to play drums is not at all easy. You need a good mentor, who can guide you properly. Your mentor should have exceptional skills and knowledge in playing drums so that he can support you with the best lessons.

Our Drumming Course

Our drumming course has been designed to suit the novice as well as professional drummers. If you want to become a serious drummer and want to pursue a professional as drummer, our course will definitely help you to do that. The course is vast and extensive. It includes the basics of drumming, along with the advanced skills nourishment. There are four course modules. Module-I includes 24 sessions with duration of 3 months. This module focuses on teaching the basics of drumming.

If you think, you know the basics of drumming and want to pursue advanced course, then you have three modules to select at our instituting. Module-II is divided into 40 sessions and total duration is 5 months. In this module focus has been given on learning cymbals, syncopated accents and open-hi-hats. Module-II has been designed with 6 months’ duration and it covers learning 8th note triplets, syncopation, 4 way coordination and single as well as double strokes. With another 6 months’ duration, Module-IV includes 48 sessions. All advanced skills of drumming have been taught to learners so that they can become professional drummers.

Why Choose Our Drumming Classes?

If you are looking for professional drums classes in Mumbai, then Institute of Music Discipline is the right destination for you. Not just making you’re a successful musician or a drummer, we also strive to make you realize of having the right attitude as drummer. Choose our drum classes for the following reasons:
  • Good faculties: To become a successful musician you definitely need a good mentor. Our faculties are caring, proficient and dedicated to teach students with precision. They will leave no stones unturned to nurture your creative skills and to recognize your special talents.
  • Professional courses: Our course modules are designed in a professional manner. Right from basics of drumming to the most advanced techniques of playing drums, you will learn all the major things by joining our courses.
  • Proven success: We possess the record of creating the most successful musicians. A lot of professional drummers have pursued our courses and they have become successful as well as eminent musicians.
  • Flexible class times: In music, we consider that there is no age of learning. You can start chasing your passion for becoming a drummer at any age. Nevertheless, we have flexible class timing so that you can enjoy the classes as per your convenience.

To know more about our courses, get in touch with us.