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Guitar Classes In Sindhi Society

Guitar Classes In Sindhi Society

institute of Musica Dicipline, founded on 1998 by virtuoso lead guitarist , is an intensive, contemporary and professional guitar training academy providing guitar lessons in the form of totally ground-breaking programs & training modules covering all levels of experience and expertise. The institute of Musica Dicipline Programs, with its range of study options, top-class instructors, and state-of-the-art facilities, are programs that could only be offered at institute of Musica Dicipline.

Our main goals can be summarized as:

We believe we are unique in the way we train guitars and and those who trained at our academy consistently maintain that we accomplish what we set out to do for our students. If you are serious about your guitars and want to learn in the best possible guitar learning environment, then spend a little more time looking around our website and, as we say, "No shortcuts… no quick fixes."

institute of Musica Dicipline offers the most diverse and comprehensive guitar training program in Mumbai.It is our constant endeavor to help each student evolve into well-rounded music learners with minds that remain receptive to new ideas and changing needs. To accomplish this we have designed an integrated guitar training curriculum that allows students to learn in great depth and detail as well as see connections that naturally exist among music subject areas making guitar learning more meaningful and effective