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Electric Guitar Class in Mumbai

To become a good musician you have to master the three major aspects of Guitar playing :

THE TECHNICAL SIDE - comprises the physical components that you need to have under your belt in order to get around your instrument, such as right and left hand technique, synchronization of both hands, the ability to execute scales, Arpeggio and patterns, string - skipping, sweep picking, difficult licks and memorizing and playing complete song

THE MUSICAL SIDE - includes Theory, harmony, chord structure,ear training,sight reading, composition and being able decipher chord progression and licks. These aspects form lifelong study, however this is what makes you a good musician as opposed to a good guitarist.

Through THE CREATIVE SIDE - you express your art via self made compositions which emphasise your individuality and help you grow and achieve creative freedom.


Module I – Basic Foundation (3 months – 24 sessions)

Module I consists of basic fundamentals of music. It comprises of the major, minor, Harmonic minor & basic chords (Keys of C, G, D, A, E, F with 9 progressions), barre chords, 7th, suspended and power chords.This module also includes Western Classical music notation study (Initial and Grade-1). It even involves playing songs of different genres

Module II – Intermediate (5 months – 40 sessions)

Module II involves different types of chromatics scale tips played with metronome beats. Modes which comprises of 3 notes/string, 6 notes/beat and 8 notes/beat, 2 strings lick and diagonal shred, interval study in modes. In this Module, metronome is compulsory. The module covers Pentatonic & Blues scale study in Gm & Am with ample exercises. It also includes playing with alternative picking and working throughout the fretboard which helps to shred on guitar. This prepares students to appear for Grade 2 & 3 level exams.

Module III – Advanced (6 months – 48 sessions)

Module III has the concepts of electric guitar like bending (whole/half/pre/double stop bending), TRIADS, sweeping (hammer on and pull-offs), vibrato, natural and artificial harmonics (pinch, pick, harp & finger tapping), Trill on entire fretboard, tremolo picking and working on different genres in depth like Blues, Rock, Grunge/Punk Rock, Funk, Metal, Neo-Classical, Progressive Rock. Module III builds knowledge for Grade 4, 5 & 6.

Module IV – Improvisation Level (6 months – 48 sessions)

Module IV consists of EAR training (single note phrases, major scale phrases, blues phrases, interval identification and chord recognition). There is advanced theory like TRIAD/ Inversions formation, superimposed chord formation, altered chord formation, learning how to improvise by using different phrases and by combining blues and other licks, 2-3-4 notes a beat and making licks in pentatonic and blues scale. Improvisation by emphasizing on chordal tones in A/D/G/E chords. Modal soloing and arpeggios soloing. It also includes writing sheet music on manuscript. This level comprises of Grade 7 & 8.


TIMINGS: Tue, Wed, Thu (12 noon to 8 pm)

Saturday (12 noon to 4 pm)

Sunday (10 am to 5 pm)

* Each session is equivalent to 1 hour

The guitar is a key instrument in any musical composing arrangements. Thus, if you want to become a musician and want to work successfully in this field, learning guitar can surely help you. Quality guitarists are always in demand. They are required by professional music composers, music band groups, live concerts and many more. So, as a guitarist, you can enjoy a wide spectrum of career opportunities.

If you are looking for the best guitar classes in Mumbai, Institute of Music Discipline is one of the leading training centers to be joined. Chase your dream of becoming a perfect guitarist under the supervision and training of caring as well as experienced faculty members. A guitar can be played in various styles. From learning basics to understanding the advanced uses of this terrific instrument will make you a perfect guitarist. This is what we do at the Institute of Music Discipline.

Learning Guitar at Institute of Music Discipline

No matter you are a complete novice or you know a few things about playing guitar – we start our course from zero level. We believe learning basics of playing guitar is the most important. If you have a strong foundation, you will keep advancing as a musician in the future. But, if you have a weak base, you would not be able to sustain in professional fields, where challenges are quite immense as well as extreme.

So, when it comes to learning the basics of playing guitar, three important aspects are needed to be kept in mind. These aspects are:

  • Technical Aspects: When it comes to mastering any musical instruments, you need to know its basic mechanisms. It makes your technically sound. When you start realizing the science behind a musical instrument, it gets easier for you to handle it with confidence. This is why learning technical detail is important. Technical learning covers understanding as well as execution of scales, string skipping, playing complete songs, sweep picking, synchronization with both hands, patterns and Arpeggio and much more.
  • Musical Aspect: When you are playing an Electric Guitar or Hawaiian Guitar, understanding the essence of music aspect is important, if you want to become a professional musician. Teaching musical aspects include understanding, harmony, learning the use of chord structure, sight reading, ear training, licks and chord progression.
  • Creative Aspect: Creativity makes you the ultimate musician. When you start creating your own compositions with guitar, you will find the divine happiness of being a musician. Our faculty members are dedicated to nurturing your creative skills so that you can become a true professional guitarist in the future.
Our Guitar Class has been divided into 4 modules. As a novice, you can join our course of learning guitar. If you already know playing guitar, then strengthen, your skills and competence in playing guitar. Age is no bar – neither there is any additional qualification is required for admission. All you need to have the passion or zeal for learning music. Nevertheless, for the comfort of students, we have flexible class timing. Contact us for further details about our guitar classes.