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Keyboard & Piano Classes In Mumbai

Module I (3 months – 24 sessions)

Module I consists of very basic fundamentals of Electronic Keyboard. It includes the following: Technical music lessons like working on major & minor scale with both hands Synchronization of chords & scale playingTheory of forming different scales & different family of chords like major, minor, seventh chords, suspended and diminished and augmented scales & chords. Trinity Initial level & Grade 1 level

Module II (5 months – 40 sessions)

Module II consists of pentatonic scales & modes (Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian) with different hardcore form of exercises. It also includes working on blues scale.The immense exercises on Keyboard make the student to move on entire keyboard with ease. Module II includes Trinity Grade 2 & 3 level.

Module III (6 months – 48 sessions)

This Module consists of understanding intervals. Intervals are key building blocks for chords, your ability to create melodies and play by ear. This course includes the vital element of understanding the importance of note value and syncopation. The course helps you to give you your own art of playing keyboard and give you a musicianship. Module III involves Grade 4 & 5.

Module IV (6 months – 48 sessions)

This course offers the choice & flexibility to play to your strengths, enabling you to gain recognition for your own unique skills as a performer and improviser. Here, you learn to improvise by phrases, by different family of chords & by Rock n Roll. At the end of the course, you will be able to make your solo, lick or phrase


TIMINGS: Saturday 12 noon to 4 pm

Sunday 4 pm to 8 pm

* Each session is equivalent to 1 hour

Music brings happiness and probably that is why musicians are the happiest persons across the world. Music is an art and through this form of art, you can express your happiness, sorrow, grief and many other emotions. Above all these things music makes you a good person. So, if you become a professional musician or you want to take your passion for music to another level, the Institute of Music Discipline is the destination for you. We are a Mumbai based musical institution, where courses are provided on various genres of music. From learning guitar to playing keyboards – you can pursue your dream to become a musician at our training center.

Piano is a popular western music instrument, which has vast as well as extensive uses in Indian music or fusion music too. India has produced some of the best piano artists of the world. So, if you want to become yet another successful piano artist or keyboard player from India, then you need to pursue a professional course on this instrument. At Institute of Music Discipline, we offer courses on piano or keyboard. If you want to master this instrument, our unparalleled courses will definitely help you. Right from the basics to advanced tricks – we help you to turn in a complete musician with our courses.

Our Courses

Our Piano Classes In Mumbai are divided into four modules. Each module comprises some of the most important lessons of learning to play keyboard. Proficient and dedicated faculties or teachers help learners to learn step by step scientifically and quickly. Module-I has a duration of months, and it features 24 sessions. During these 24 sessions, learners are taught about the basic fundamentals of playing piano or keyboard. Up next, Module-II consists of 40 sessions and total duration is 5 months. This module teaches pentatonic scales and modes. You will learn different applications of these things.

Consisting of 48 sessions, having duration of 6 months, Module-III mainly focuses on learning some of the advanced tricks of piano or keyboard. It mainly focuses on teaching the essence of intervals. Understanding intervals will let you produce melodies through your keyboard or piano. Last, but not the least, Module-IV has 48 sessions in offering with duration of another 6 months. This module focuses on advanced teachings. Innovative skills of learners are nourished and encouraged. It helps you become a complete as well as a perfect piano artist or keyboard player.

Choosing Us

If you are looking for professional Keyboard Classes In Mumbai, choosing us could be the best decision for you. We are not just a leading institution in Mumbai for furnishing courses on various musical instruments, but we are also known as the most reliable center for studying music. Not just turning you into a professional musician, we also help you to become a successful musician by giving you opportunities for showcasing your talents. If you have a true passion and dedication to music, choosing us will definitely make you fully satisfied. Under the supervision of proficient, professional and skilled teachers, you will learn various insightful details of playing piano or keyboard.