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Learning Music Theory is like learning Grammer of a language so that you can use your vocabulary wisely.

IMD not only teaches Music Theory but also extends to its implementation on to your instrument playing or composition with the help of improvising in Scales and Modes in musical comprehension.

Course consists of

* History Behind formation of Scales & Chords
*Basic formula for Major scale, Minor scale viz.Natural, Harmonic, Melodic minor scale.
*Chord formation ( Major, Minor, Diminished and Augmented chords )
* Circle of 5 th & Circle of 4 th
*Seventh Chord formation ( Major 7 th, Minor 7th, Min-Maj 7th, Dominant 7th ), m7b5
* Suspended chord formation
* Rules for keys
* Fitting different chords under one key
* Rules for pentatonic & Blues scales
* 7th chords n Rock n Roll rhythm for blues scales
* Modal tone rules
*Triads & Inversions
* INTERVAL ( using interval chart, chordal notes, n licks, Atonic rules, Superimposed chords, Altered chords )
* Pitch Axis Theory
* Writing staff notation writing

Obligatory Requirement:

A4 size notebook, Pen, Pencil, Eraser n Rural