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Learn to write your own composition on manuscript.

Taught only at IMD, this course is designed for musicians who are now ready to compose their own music; or aspirants who are passionate about writing music notation or want to receive formal education on MUSIC NOTATION.

IMD offers the elusive and authoritative writing of music notation, original composition, counterparts and orchestral pieces.

The course includes learning right from the history of music notation to contemporary innovation.

Whether you are absolutely fresh or an amateur band member or appearing for Grades exams. This course will teach you Do's & Don’ts of music notation on manuscript

Typically a course consists of;

Rules & Elements of notation

*Braces & Systems
* Ledger lines & octave signs
* Clefs
*Note- heads and stems
*flags & beams
* Rests & Pauses
* Ties and Dots
*Accidentals and key signatures
* Meter and time signatures
*Bar lines and rhythm
*Repetition signs
* Ornaments
*Accents and Slurs
*Tempo and expression



Couse objectives: -
Students will learn rules and regulations of formal training of music stave.
At the end of the course, students will be able to write their own composition on manuscript.

Requirements: -
Students should at least know Grade 1 of Mel Bay
Students must carry a Pencil, Ruler, Eraser and Sharpener.